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10540584_10154372036955328_6748104523372455884_oIt’s hard to know where to start with my recommendation for Jill. The service and friendship that Jill has provided for me have quite simply changed my life for the better, and I am thankful every day to have been lucky enough to be connected with her, both personally and professionally.

Personally, I came to Jill because I was suffering desperately from life altering chronic leg pain and dysfunction from a wildly (to me) mysterious source. Jill calmly and expertly explored my body, using her encyclopedic knowledge of Trigger Point referral pain patterns. In short order, she had identified the root source of my pain, and in an epic moment of relief, she helped me to regain hope that there was a chance to heal. From that moment, I began an epic journey to reconnecting with my body in ways I never thought possible. My pain has since resided, but along the way Jill has become a mentor, a teacher, and a true friend. Jill’s body of work is a work of art. She uses her body to figure out why your body is hurting, and that is a special talent that nearly everyone out there could stand to benefit from; truly magical.

Professionally, I own a gym called Bare Hands CrossFit. Jill’s service an integral part of what I offer to my clients in dealing with long-standing chronic pain, recent tweaks, injuries, or folks who just want to explore their bodies and figure out why they are so “tight.” I confidently refer anyone who seeks relief from pain, tightness, soreness, and stress. I love each of my members like family, and I know that I am putting them in the hands of someone who truly cares. The greatest part of Jill’s art IS THAT IT ACTUALLY WORKS. In her career, Jill has saved countless folks from eminent surgery, RX meds, and the despair that comes with pain.

If you are in pain or suffering from dysfunction, stress, anxiety, or depression, in most cases, doctors and specialists claim your only option is invasive surgery or pills. Jill knows better, and she has the track record to prove it.

IMG_3201The first time I met Jill was at a Thai Massage Workshop. I had just been through a traumatic time in my life and was barely holding my head above water. Hearing Jill speak about her passions and how much she loves her life helping others truly inspired me. I reached out to Jill after the workshop and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Jill was like a breath of fresh air! I went from just going through the motions to living my life full of love because of the way Jill put so much passion into her work with me and the various yoga workshops I have done with her. Her heart shines so bright! Her massages leave you feeling rejuvenated, her cooking lessons are fun and you can see the effort and thought she puts into everything. She has a way of pulling out the best in me and making me want to be better. Jill will have a lifelong student and friend in me. She is a great teacher that not only inspires and challenges her students, but also makes them feel at ease.
IMG_2400As a teenager with cystic fibrosis, I worked with Jill shortly after leaving the hospital from a double-lung transplant. A doctor at Wash U recommended her for assisting in my recovery process through trigger point therapy, Thai Massage, yoga and other forms of holistic care.

Her firm yet careful work (never discarding my needs and intuitively knowing how to work my edge to be maximally effective) have supported my healing journey in ways the doctors and myself hadn’t thought possible. Jill genuinely cares and I give her credit in how far I have been able to come in a short time. Jill is a life changer!

martindammThrough Jill, I came to understand the true meaning behind Yoga — The unity of the mind, body, and soul – Love. Jill’s pure, loving, flowing energy is present and felt not only during her yoga practice but in all aspects of her life. You can see it and feel it through her gaze and her energy. Her Compassion, Joy, and Loving-Kindness radiate enabling me (us) to open and relax with whatever arises, without picking and choosing– just being– loving oneself.

Jill has greatly assisted me in restoring life balance by encouraging a celebration of that which lives within. My life has been transformed and my increased Self-understanding has grown out of exposure to Jill’s beautiful yoga practice, her magical Thai Massage sessions and her openness in sharing deep connection with everyone. If you want to experience something incredibly healing on so many levels, I highly encourage you to flow into a Thai Massage session with Jill. Wow. You can float your way back home!

IMG_3194As a yoga studio owner, I have had the pleasure of working with Jill in a number of ways. Jill conducted a Thai Massage workshop at our yoga studio. The workshop participants experienced a joyous bonding with their partners as Jill lovingly guided them toward deeper communication, trust, and tenderness through massage.

Jill then presented a series of Yoga Heart Opening workshops that showed me her skills as a yoga teacher. She has the ability to bring her students into a state of presence that is joyful and full of hope and positivity. I attended a weekend retreat that Jill co-facilitated where women experienced profound healing in relationship with one another. That experience has inspired me to bring deeper levels of trust, honesty, and support to my relationships with other women.

When I went to Jill for bodywork, I found her to be so knowledgeable, and her intent for my healing so pure, that I was able to completely relax into her competent hands. As a result, just one session restored mobility and reduced pain in my knee that I had experienced for months. That was followed by another session where she relieved 5-year old chronic pain in my shoulder. Since that session, I’ve been able to use my shoulder without the usual pain and dysfunction.

Jill brings lightness, joy, love, and healing to all that she does. She keeps herself centered in a state of grace that makes her a powerful healer. The complete presence she brings to each relationship, to each activity, and to each moment shows me the sweetness possible in life. She is a treasure.

IMG_3194My husband and I first attended a partner Thai Massage workshop of Jill’s. There was something about Jill that I was immediately attracted to, drawn to, she has this magic about her. Her energy is contagious and infectious. It’s loving, bright, and helps you believe all things are possible when our hearts are vibrating on high. When Jill enters the room, she raises the vibration. She is truly committed to helping others find their best selves with tools such as Thai massage, healthy food and yoga. Jill’s Thai massage class I attended with my husband was one of the best classes I’ve ever attended. It was so wonderful that I invited her to teach the same workshop at my yoga studio. When she cooks, she makes wholesome good food, customized just for her clients, packed full of love. Her yoga classes are a beautiful flow of love, chanting, pranayama and asana. She reminds us to stay connected to our true selves, with loving mindfulness. I’m so grateful that Jill is a part of my life and that our journeys lead us to one another.
I first met Jill after booking a Thai massage with her. I had no idea this single act would change my spiritual being in so many ways. After having my body happily manipulated for 90mins, Jill and I sat down for a chat, where she described her life as one rooted in yoga. Having practiced yoga on and off for the past few years, I jumped on the chance for a one-on-one session with her. In our first session, we spent the first half connecting spiritually to Earth and our surrounds as well as exchanging and balancing our energies. The second half we flowed through yoga poses to connect deeper with the breath, body and emotions – recharging ourselves deeply. I left that day knowing that some how she had changed my spiritual being forever.

I have since practiced Thai massage, meditation and yoga with Jill numerous times and have grown a stronger since of well being. Her beautiful energy, spiritual erudition, and charisma shines in all that she does. I will forever be grateful that our paths have crossed. I look forward to continuing my growth as a yogi at heart – physically and spiritually through Jill’s guidance.

As a yogi regularly involved in a vinyasa practice, I was looking for an alternative to not only help me grow within my yoga practice but to also grow as a person. After months of searching, I discovered Jill. Her message is very simple…. to love thyself, love everything life has to offer, and to have deep gratitude for life. Through working with Jill, I have discovered more inner peace on and off the mat. Thanks, Jill, I look forward to continually working with you and seeing where life takes me!
IMG_3722As an athlete and aerialist, my body is something I hold in high regards and actively care for being sure it gets nothing but the best as far as “routine maintenance” goes. I have received many forms of massage by many talented people and Jill Duncan is an artist, PERIOD. She has allowed my body to heal, relax and recharge in ways that I, the eternal optimist, never dreamt possible. I am convinced this is her calling and she literally and figuratively, is meant to touch lives. I truly cannot express how grateful I am our paths crossed. My level of performance would not be where it is at without her on my team. It’s like having a secret weapon! :) She has opened my eyes to a new way of healing and has helped me develop an even deeper connection and awareness with my body. Regardless of your goals, I have undying faith Jill will help get you there. Do this for yourself, trust me, you will thank you later!
IMG_3192I have Multiple Sclerosis and have been getting Thai Massage for over 6 years to help manage my symptoms. Jill has been wonderful in relaxing and relieving my muscular pain and limitations. My symptoms change frequently and Jill has been amazing at adjusting to my body’s needs!
jerryI am yoga student and Thai massage client of Jill’s and I couldn’t be more pleased! It is a treat to spend time with Jill in any capacity. Her yoga classes benefit the body, mind and soul connection and her Thai massage is therapeutic and uplifting. Jill’s yoga classes call to mind a master conductor leading a symphony; in this case Jill is the conductor and her students the orchestra. Yoga is much more than mere exercises and poses and Jill helps you embrace its deep healing qualities. Best of all, her personality shines and warms you like the sun. Treat yourself to some quality time with Jill. You will be glad you did.

-Jerry Zuckerman, Author of Dr. Z’s Menagerie book

My first Thai session with Jill was 10 years ago. She was wonderful and the massage ended a lot of lower back pain I had at the time. More recently I have had clinical Thai bodywork with Jill that has truly worked wonders. I have had a knee and ankle surgery in recent years that has led to some gait and stiffness issues. After a few sessions I felt like a new person!! The best part about Jill is she listens and truly wants to help you get better. She is a great person and I always feel lighter after seeing her. I have been mentioning her to friends and would encourage anyone with pain to reach out to her.