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I teach yoga to open the emotional and spiritual heart, free our spirit and life force, create a deeper connection to Self and Oneness, celebrate bliss and joy, and balance the energy layers, all while expanding our God/Goddess/Source consciousness and having FUN!

My group and private sessions are an energetic blend of both ancient practices and those that speak to our modern lives. I guide students from my heart through Bhakti (devotional) yoga, Tantric philosophy, Vinyasa, Energy practices, Meditation, Chanting and Mantra, Visualization, Pranayama, Prayers and Heart teachings and sincerely encourage ANYONE and EVERYONE to join me in the celebration of life!!

I am blessed to wake up each day to remember that I have a choice. Each second is a gift. Each blip in time is an opportunity. Each present moment is magic. As we live from this place of gratitude and appreciation for life, we realize how deeply blessed and loved we are. To live my yoga, is to continually realize that I am energy and that my energy state creates my reality.

“To be a yogi is a statement of our heart consciousness. To expand our awareness in the heart space and to live from intentional heart energy deepens our life experience in ways that can move mountains and heal anything that comes into our field.”  – Jill Duncan

As a witness, I have watched my yoga practice fuel inner growth, inspire shifts, transform dark into light and even shake and rattle my thoughts into wisdom. Yoga and its many tools have emotionally, physically and spiritually supported me through a major health crisis at a young age. Yoga ignited my inner and outer body strength and glow when I was ready to step into my power again. And, yoga offered the space and awareness to shed pain, internal scars, blockages and fear which ultimately lead me deeply into my own heart where I have learned to hold myself in the highest regard, live from a place of love and service for myself and others and to be connected to my Spirt, God and Divine Energy. Yoga has taught me the power of living in positivity!!


Group Classes


Bhakti Flow

Every Wednesday, 5:30-6:45 p.m.

Shanti Yoga South City
2610 Kingshighway
St. Louis, MO 63139

Bhakti is a devotional yoga practice rooted in Love – which is the nature of our hearts. In this dynamic, soulful, heart-opening yoga gathering we will journey together to deepen our devotion to life and reconnect to Spirit and joy! Bhakti (literally meaning Love or Devotion) lies at the foundation of ALL ancient yoga traditions. It offers us the freedom to fall in love with life again!

Each practice is unique as we allow the flow of love and grace to guide us in music and chanting, meditation, visualization, prayer, breath, fluid movements/asana and dancing. As we practice, we savor moments of the Ananda (Bliss) that lives inside our hearts and minds. It’s like a deep rooted rush of loving energy that leaves a profound imprint on our entire Being.

ALL PEOPLE WELCOME, CELEBRATED and LOVED – no matter what your experience with yoga has been. We are all in different pivotal points on our life path – you will be loved, cherished and respected no matter what. AWAKEN TO THE TRUE YOU!


Private Sessions

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Private Individual Sessions
Varied Schedules

– Single Yoga Private Sessions
– Four Yoga Private Sessions (paid in advance)

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Private Group Sessions
Varied Schedules

I love working with small and large groups. I have studio space or if you have your own space, I can travel to you. Great for friends, family, work environment, building community, gifts and more!!

Contact me for pricing, as it varies.

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